Monday, May 12, 2014

Get the Most out of Your Storage this Summer!

With Summer just around the corner, many of you may have some big renovation or remodeling plans coming up! As with any large project, time and space are two of the biggest concerns. How many times have you underestimated your amount of free space before starting a project, only to realize halfway through that you can't continue as planned? Well don't let that happen again! Look into renting a storage unit for your upcoming spring and summer cleaning! Are you looking to paint more than one room? The whole house? Don't bother trying to shuffle your furniture from room to room as you paint. Not only is this time consuming and aggravating, but you also risk damaging your walls or furniture in the process. A temporary storage unit can remove the hassle of taking on your summer "To Do" list!

For those of us that are currently storage tenants, spring and summer time are just as important! Sunshine and a cool breeze are the perfect conditions to sort through your storage unit! Open up the door for a few hours and let your unit ventilate with fresh air! Are your belongings stored properly? This is a great opportunity to get any damaged or broken items out of your unit in order to optimize your use of the space. Remember, It is best to leave an aisle down the center of your storage unit! This is for two reasons. First, a walkway will allow you to easily access your stored items in the future. Secondly, this will allow for better air circulation inside the unit. Better circulation will help reduce the growth of mold and mildew. Another storage best practice is to keep stacks of boxes out of direct contact with the floor! Place them on wood palettes to allow air to circulate underneath of them.!No matter if you are considering a storage unit for the first time, or are a storage veteran; This is the perfect time to turn your attention to self storage! 

Don't limit your time this summer to simply preparing your unit for the seasonal change. A thorough deep clean of your storage unit is the perfect time to make sure everything is packed and stored properly. Take a few extra minutes with every box or item and check for the following:

  • Are your boxes packed fully? A full box is capable of holding weight better than a partial box. Make sure to fully pack your boxes before stacking other items on them. This will help prevent damage to your items as well as to keep them from shifting around.
  • Is there food or other items present that may attract pests? Bugs and other insects can spell demise for many items you may have in storage. While they may be drawn in by something tasty, they may have detrimental effects to other items in storage such as wood, clothing, and paper based items. Remove all food and similar things from your unit!
  • Are your large items and pieces of furniture broken down all the way? Something as simple as removing legs from tables and chairs and breaking down other items will greatly reduce the chance of shifting and damage.
So take some time this spring and summer to make sure that you're getting the most out of your storage experience! Take on that extra around-the-house project or finish your spring cleaning with ease!